On each of the topics below, I will fight to:


  • Maintaining a strong, dynamic, competitive free market economy must be our first priority.
  • Ensuring that the States supports good infrastructure for the island and better quality transport links by air and by sea.
  • Supporting the finance industry and ensuring regulation is proportionate.
  • Encouraging economic diversification into new areas like renewable energy, digital services and higher education.

Sound public finances

  • Aiming for a balanced budget or surplus as a priority.
  • Adopting a credible fiscal strategy.
  • Building on the £19.65 million in genuine efficiency savings secured under the FTP.

Restricting the cost of government

  • Selling off excess States' land to free up land for housing.
  • Extending so called "E" government with the smarter use of technology.
  • Seeking greater control of civil service and public sector pay costs and review staffing structures.

Enhancing Social Policy

  • Building on the Supported Living and Ageing Well Strategy by improving respite options and help for carers.
  • Resourcing the effective implementation of the Disability Strategy.
  • Ensuring Social Security system provides a hand up not just a hand out to people.

Raising standards in Education

  • Regardless of whether the system is selective or non-selective, ensuring excellent leadership and good quality teaching and learning in all of our schools.
  • Engaging with all parents of the children to create a real partnership approach.
  • Innovative use of technology to underpin quality and enjoyable learning.
  • Teaching more local history in our schools.



What kind of health care system do we want?

  • Considering better prioritisation of health spending in a new model of delivery in view of demographic challenges, medical inflation and new technologies.
  • Parity of esteem between physical and mental health issues.


  • Analysing the review of the housing market and review housing demand and housing need definitions.
  • Facilitating the release of more States' land to build on to increase supply of housing if need be.
  • Considering other initiatives not just partial ownership approach.


  • Supporting a wholly realistic approach to transport and traffic issues, based on a reliable yet affordable bus service, but will not support paid parking.


  • Supporting a policy that will balance the need to import some labour to support the economy and / or public services against the impact on the quality of life of islanders and try to avoid over-population.